Land We Protect - Conservation Easements

We now have a full sized, detailed map showing ALL the properties under CLT's conservation umbrella. Click on the image to access and download the full sized, high resolution map.

The Charlestown Land Trust holds conservation easements on some privately owned parcels- that is, land still owned by individual landowners. A conservation easement enables the landowner to protect the land in perpetuity while retaining ownership by placing restrictions on the property that legally bind the present and future landowner. The land trust is responsible for monitoring the property and upholding the terms of the easement and the conservation values. The beauty of conservation easements is that they prohibit some activities in order to protect the habitat, flora, or fauna found on the land and prevent the destruction of natural resources or open space by setting limitations on the use of land. Conservation easements have become one of the most commonly used land conservation tools in the country. The Land Trust Alliance is a great resource for better understanding conservation easements and the role that land trusts play in protecting local land. Read more on conservation easements here.

2017 bird hike at Patricia Sprague Preserve

Below is a list of properties on which the Charlestown Land Trust currently holds conservation easements. Together they total 470.67 protected acres! As a reminder, you cannot visit these properties as they are privately owned. The exception is the Patricia Sprague Forest Preserve, which is owned by the town of Charlestown with a conservation easement held by the Charlestown Land Trust. There is a lovely trail that traverses an old farm road, continues through forest, and even leads to the Pawcatuck River. You can find a trail map here here.

The Amos Green Farm is a perfect example of what a conservation easement can accomplish. This easement protects, in perpetuity, a large part of the 1750 Amos Green Farm for conservation, open space, agriculture, and passive recreational purposes. With help from the Town of Charlestown, the RI Agricultural Land Preservation Commission, the Nature Conservancy, and generous donations from the Fenner and Ricci families we have created a green connection from the 800-acre Carter Preserve, across the Carolina Back Road to Sand Plain Road. Our annual trail run starts on this beautiful property.

Interested in making a difference and placing a conservation easement on your property? Reach out to our Executive Director, Angela Brunetti, at

Property Name TOWN MAP/LOT-GIS
Amos Green Farm (3 parcels)

28 & part of 4-6, 28 & part of 7, and 28 & part of 6,7 &4

Bradford Sportsmen Club 14-45-2
Fenner Farm (3 parcels) 28-2-3, 28-1, and 25-95
Goulet 29-55-12
Heavers 29-91
Heines 21-44
Horstmeyer 29-48
Rowe (2 parcels) 29-50 and 21-62 3/4
Sprague Forest Preserve 28-84
Sprague Forest Preserve Plant List   Trail Map
Tremblay 23-8