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Heaver's Family Farm Protected!

140 Acres Saved for the Benefit of All

The Charlestown Land Trust is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached to acquire a perpetual conservation easement on the 140 acre Heavers Family Farm. The working farm is part of the unique natural heritage of Charlestown and helps us ensure that out town will remain a beautiful and unspoiled place.

Heaver Barnm

The Heavers Family Farm has many important conservation values. It is located on top of the Pasquisett Aquifer, which is the primary source of drinking water to the town of Charlestown. The property is contiguous with Pasquisett Pond and provides a natural buffer that protects the water quality of the pond from harmful runoff.

Heaver Homestead

The property was identified as a priority conservation area in the Washington County Land Trust Coalition Strategic Plan.

The land contains United States Department of Agriculture recognized Prime farmland Soils and is thus and important part of agricultural activities and resources for the area.

The property a sensitive habitat which is home to numerous rare plants and animals and part of Charlestown's unique natural landscape.

The CLT Board would like to express our sincere gratitude to the entire Heaver familiy.

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Fall Foliage
Photograph by: Fred Baker